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Cookie policy

User personal data collection
When visiting you may provide your personal data. We will collect and process such data only for Planet Food Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. internal purposes provided your permission has been granted. To this end, wherever our website requires your personal data, you may grant your permission. PLANET FOOD® Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. having its seat at ul. Wojska Polskiego 2, 62-800 Kalisz, is the administrator of personal data of user. The user is provided with access to their data and is allowed to correct, supplement and update such data. For this purpose the user should contact Planet Food Sp. z o. o. Sp.k. using the above address or electronic mail at

Anonymity of data provision and processing
You may visit without divulging your identity. During your visit only the name of the Internet connection provider is disclosed as well as the website from which the visit is made and individual webpages visited at our website.

Cancelling your permission
At any time you may cancel your permission for our storing, transferring and using the user’s personal data. Such cancellation may be effected through ordinary mail at the above address or through electronic mail. When cancelling your permission through e-mail, such option is provided where your personal data are required.

Entering our website may be tracked by means of “cookies”. “Cookies” are files containing a short text saved by the website on the user’s hard disk in order to store information there, for instance, information about the website settings made by the user.

While viewing the website, “cookies” may be installed on the user’s computer. “Cookies” contain information about visiting this website by the user. The user may switch off the option of “cookies” being saved by the website on their computer by changing settings of the Internet browser used by the user. The user agrees for the website to install “cookies” on their computer and to use “cookies” by properly configuring settings of the Internet browser used by the user.

Planet Food reserves a right to use information contained in “cookies” saved on the user’s computer for collective and anonymous statistical reports only so as to improve product offer, customer service and functionality of this website.