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Bellido Coconut-flavoured cream

Perfect combination of the delicious coconut-flavoured cream with crunchy wafers. Sunny Family brand presents the novelty –Bellido wafers.

12 pcs. In packaging

Bellido Coconut-flavoured cream

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This product is the unique and unusual combination of crunchy wafers with the delicious cream of coconut flavour. The wafers are made of high-quality, natural ingredients with no artificial colours and preservatives. Taste this wholesome, coconut-flavoured dessert for adults and also ensure that the youngest get this yummy, crunchy-sweet school-snack. Bellido is a Polish product – manufactured in the top-notch plant in Kalisz.  Crunch and stay healthy! And due to the coconut aroma and taste feel like being on holidays in the Caribbean.


Wafers: 95% of wheat flour, corn flour, 1% of rice flour, soybean oil, sea salt, wheat starch, cream: sugar, unhardened and fractionated palm oil, whey powder, 9,1% of desiccated coconut, skimmed-milk powder, emulsifier - soy lecithin, natural coconut aroma.  Product may contain nuts.

Packaging includes: 1 recommended serving of the product, net weight 58 g (cream 38 g + wafers 20g)

Nutritional value Bellido
per 100g of the product
1 serving = 17g (approx. 15 pieces)
Energy content
1748 kJ
414 kcal
1014 kJ
240 kcal
24 g
14 g
incl. saturated fatty acids
13 g
7,4 g
85 g
49 g
incl. sugars
38 g
22 g
2 g
1,2 g
6,7 g
3,9 g
0,38 g
0,22 g