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Bioffel Olive

Bioffel Olive is one of the products from Sunny Corn Family range. These delicious and crisp wafers with a special flavour and low fat content are enriched with extra virgin olive oil; the gold of the south. One wafer is 4 calories.

6pcs. In packaging

Bioffel Olive

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Bioffel Olive is ideally suited as an element of a balanced diet and a source of food fibre. Remember how important a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are. All ingredients of our wafers come from organic farming. Produced in Poland, they are manufactured exclusively from high quality, 100% natural ingredients. You can enjoy this amazing taste and eat them for the sake of your health.


wheat flour, corn flour, rice flour, 2% of olive oil, sea salt, and potato flour.

The plant applies soybean oil.
Net weight: 35 g.
Packaging includes: min. 6 servings.

Nutritional value Bioffel
per 100g of the product
1 serving = 5,5g (approx. 5 pieces)
Energy content
1584 kJ
375 kcal
87 kJ
21 kcal
2,0 g
0,11 g
incl. saturated fatty acids
0,5 g
0,03 g
77,7 g
4,27 g
incl. sugars
3,5 g
0,19 g
3,0 g
0,17 g
9,7 g
0,53 g
0,48 g
0,03 g